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Protecting Your Car only takes 5 minutes with basic tools and helps keep your Medallion GPS undiscovered.

Detailed drive history reports show everywhere your vehicle has been, and text alerts instantly keep you up-to-date.

Tracking your vehicle anywhere you are has never been easier with our user-friendly iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.

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Monitor your Teen with Medallion

The Medallion Standard is great for alerts! From speeding to ignition engagement, we have you covered. Need to monitor a teen driver as they drive from school and back? Set up a boundary to make sure they arrive and depart safe and sound. Want to be sure they aren't driving too quickly? Set a speed limit sensor so you'll know if your vehicle is being driven over a certain set speed. All of that safety and security for just $9.99 a month.

Read more about how to monitor your teen here! 

The Medallion Standard


  • Stealth installation

    Our special harness allows you to easily conceal your Medallion GPS in the vehicle so it's not easily discovered and removed

  • Location updates

    Your vehicles location will be updated during every ignition on and off, as well as every 5 minutes while driving, so you'll always know its current location

  • Text/E-mail notifications

    Various alert settings allow you to get notified via text or e-mail on updates such as: low battery, speeding, ignition on/off, and geofence boundary crossings

  • Insurance discounts

    Having a Medallion GPS installed in your vehicle may qualify you for an anti-theft device discount with your insurance provider

  • 1st month of service included

    Every Medallion GPS includes the 1st month of service, and $9.99/mo after

  • No contracts!

    No obligations and no hidden fees; cancel your service at any time with no penalty

Medallion GPS vehicle tacking is used in over 40,000 vehicles nationwide

Do More With Pro

Extend the capabilities of your vehicle even further with Medallion GPS Pro

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We have the Key to Anti-theft Car Protection

The first step is to decide which device will work best for your cause. 

The Medallion Pro Device takes it one step further with a direct-to-starter cable installation. This device is the end all, be all of a car jackers worst nightmare! They won't know the tracker is even installed until it's already too late for them. You can set up an alarm to two points of your choosing; whether that be the car alarm, and the driver side door, or your trunk and passenger side door, you decide where you want to set up your alerts. With Remote Starter Disable, you'll be able to make sure no one can even start your vehicle unless you're in the know! Just make sure to re-enable the ignition before you go to drive again. 

Read more about ways to protect your car here!

The Medallion Pro

Additional pro features

  • Remote starter disable

    Disable your vehicles starter from the mobile app, preventing anyone from turning on the ignition

  • Backup battery

    Internal backup battery allows tracking for up to 2 weeks even if the vehicle has no power or the device is disconnected

  • Input alerts

    Connect up to 2 external devices, such as a car alarm or doors, to your Medallion Pro device and receive text or e-mail alerts when these devices are triggered

GPS Tracking Made Simple

Ever had something stolen from you? Probably the most terrible feeling of all time. 

Our Simple solution is to help you keep track of your vehicle, car truck or van, and make sure it returns to your driveway each and every night. GPS tracking is simple with Medallion. The Tracker is installed underneath your dash board directly into your OBD-II port (On-Board Diagnostics) and gets tucked away utilizing something known as a Y connector. Even the best car jackers in the game won't know you're spy tracking your vehicle. 


Is Medallion GPS compatible with my car?

Medallion is compatible in most cars made after 1996, as an OBD-II port is required (usually located in the driver side footwell. Check your car manual for exact location).

Medallion Pro will work in just about any car (no OBD-II port required).

How is Medallion GPS installed?

Medallion is easily installed in about 5 minutes with basic tools. The included harness plugs right into the device and your OBD-II port, and includes an extra female end, which replaces your now-occupied OBD-II port. The device and remaining cable can then be easily secured and hidden in a location under your dash.

Medallion Pro requires a more advanced install that involves tapping into the starter and additional wires. Professional installation is recommended.

Does Medallion GPS drain my car battery while the engine is off?

Medallion GPS devices enter a deep-sleep low power mode when no motion is detected.