HOW TO: Monitor Teen Driving

We've Got Some Answers To Help You Monitor Your Teen. 

The Reason You're Here is to Understand A Little More About What Can Be Done To Safely Monitor Your Teen on the Road. Plain and Simple.


Great thing for you, there are plenty of safe ways to monitor your teen's driving and they will all be laid out within this article. 

We will start by listing some of the main reasons you feel the need to monitor your teen in the first place! Trust seem's to be the number one reason for wanting to monitor your kid. You don't know what's going through their heads, you know they're excited, and you know what that feeling of freedom can do to a young teenager. 

  • Lack Of Trust
  • Inexperience
  • Bad Judgment
  • Using Their Phone While Driving
  • Showing Off With Friends in The Car 
  • Multi-Tasking

If any of those reasons above seem to be hitting the nail on the head for you, then read on..


Let's Talk Teen Statistics For A Minute:

According to Edgar Snyder and Associates, just under 6,000 teens were involved in fatal car accidents as of 2017. These statistics are NOT TO SCARE YOU. They are to lay out the reality of the driving world in it's current state. Facing reality, the odds are actually quite slim that you'll have a piece of this statistic to carry around with you the rest of your life. The number of teen drivers on the road today is actually around 6.4% (13,200,000) of total drivers on the road today.

When you look at that, you can see just how slight the chances of your teen being in an accident or being harmed may actually be. 

To be even more clear, for those of you number crunching individuals:

The actual statistic of lost lives in the 15-20 year old range is .044% of the total number of teenage drivers on the road. I used Wolfram Alpha to plug those numbers in. 

Some Good News!

If you were to look at Teen Driving over the last 20 years, the later 10 years would actually show an increase in teen driving safety. With access to more information, more awareness of driving laws, and overall safer vehicle builds the use of seat-belts has risen from 74% to 92%. Even more good news, the number of teen drunk drivers is down to 8% versus 17% in the past years.

Along the same lines that we touched base on earlier, teen drivers are moving smarter, and becoming less distracted than prior generations contrary to popular belief. 

"Okay, But How Do I Monitor My Teen?"

Clearly there is more than just safety involved here. If you have been receiving letters from the high-school of truancies, late notices and absences, you may want to know what your kid is doing. 

For example, I myself would take my old school '63 Plymouth Valiant and go to Oceanside at least once a week. To be fair I had early release and I did not want to be sitting in classes that I just wasn't interested in at all. I know it technically isn't right, but the morality of the situation is not really what we are concerned with, it's about the REALITY. The reality is, teenagers skip school. 

So.. Solution?

Have you ever heard of Geo-Fencing? In a nutshell, think of an electric dog collar without the inhumanity, or the shocking.

A Geo-Fence is a parameter set by yourself, utilizing a GPS Tracking Device.

Taking that into account you could set a boundary say, around your teens high-school, so you know when their car enters, and when it leaves.

When you see that their car never showed up to school, you can hit them with that, "How's first period going?" text. They'll know the jigs up and they will definitely haul them-self back to school. 

Another handy tool would be Text and Email Updates every 5 minutes that the vehicle is IN MOTION. If you were concerned about a solo road trip or even an hour drive to the beach you would see the bread crumbs of their driving history and better yet, know whether they're Speeding or not. You could set an alert to inform you if the vehicle goes over 75 MPH so you could speak with them about obeying traffic laws and avoiding getting tickets that will blast insurance rates up through the roof. 

On the topic of Insurance, you could actually SAVE on your insurance rates by having a GPS Tracking Device in your vehicle. In certain cases you could end up saving as much as 30% on your car insurance rates!!

Smart Teens Would Just Unplug A Device.. They Have Google, Right?

Wrong. With certain devices there is something called a Stealth Installation. When the device is installed, there is actually a Y-Cable that takes the original OBD-II port (for those of you who don't know where/what your OBD-II is.) and actually stashes the GPS device away into your dash, leaving the original looking port "open" so that your teen won't suspect a thing. This is especially helpful in protecting your vehicle from burglary as well. The point is to be as discreet as possible, while protecting your child's safety, and your vehicle.


Invading privacy is obviously something to consider. While you can use a device like this in a vehicle you're paying for, I would like to note that if you are paying to have something installed in your kids vehicle, and they pay for it, make sure you let them know you are putting this in their vehicle so you can protect them, and your peace of mind. Most kids won't argue with that fact if you can phrase it in a way that makes sense for both parties. They want to feel free, without the watchful eye of their parents at all times, and you want to let them grow and feel free, while knowing that they are safe wherever they are. That compromise is the bond between a parent and child, and the outcome of those conversations always stems from the relationship itself. 

The foundation of your relationship will end up determining how a situation like this will go over. 

Our Device:

The Medallion Pro device will allow you to take your teen drivers security one step further. Some Features of the Pro Device are: 

Remote Starter Disable:

  • Have you ever heard of a Kill Switch? A kill switch is used to dis-engage a motor when someone who shouldn't be driving your vehicle, IS. The difference between a kill switch and Remote Starter Disable is that the kill switch can be dangerous. Cutting the engine of a car while someone is driving 80 on the highway is a definite way to kill or injure someone un-intentionally. The Remote Starter Disable will allow you to lock your starter from being engaged until you re-enable it. 


  • If you're in a place you don't feel the safest, like for an appointment, or if you just don't want your teen leaving because they're being reprimanded for something, they won't be able to even start the car. They wouldn't be able to tamper with the device either due to how it is installed. The Medallion Pro device usually takes a professional installation because the cables are actually connected direct to the ignition cables, which involve getting inside the dash. Full proof way to keep your car from being driven by any unwanted visitors, or grounded teens. 

Back-Up Battery:

  • The device comes included with a backup battery so you would be able to track your car even if the car engine was disengaged and the battery was pulled out of the car! The back-up battery has a two week battery life, so in the case that your vehicle was stolen, you would be able to track it for your local police to track and recover for you! This feature alone could end up saving you thousands!

Input alerts: 

  • Connect up to 2 external devices, such as a car alarm or doors, to your Medallion Pro device and receive text or e-mail alerts when these devices are triggered. 
  • Sample Scenario: It's around midnight and you receive an alert that your driver-side car door is open. You get up and check your teens room, they're gone. You make your way downstairs and outside to find your son/daughter trying to start the car - Remote Starter Disable is engaged. You caught them sneaking out and were able to keep your child from leaving the house and possibly getting into a situation that would've been harmful to them.

To be completely honest with you, I would've hated having these devices around while I was a kid but I know that they are necessary to help keep your teen safe in an ever evolving and changing world. 

Take a look at our site and pick a device that works best for you! Starting at just $99.99, the Medallion Device is providing Peace Of Mind and Security, all in one!


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