Using GPS Tracking with Medallion GPS on any Vehicle?

Track your bike, scooter, electric skateboard, Urb-E, Lithium Cycle Super 73, Car, Truck, Motorcycle, all with Medallion GPS! 


That's right.

I will go through a list of some of the devices outside of your conventional means of transportation. 

We will go through some of our favorite light weight travel vehicles here!

Medallion GPS Bike

Lithium Cycles Super 73: One of my favorite motorized E-bikes on the market today. 

These babies are some of the nicest e-bikes i've come across. The Super 73 itself is incredibly quick, speeding past you with top speeds of 25+ miles an hour depending on your weight. 

They have a great battery life span as well, with up to 30 miles of riding per charge. They can get you to where you need to be in a jiffy. 

On that note, it definitely comes with a hefty price tag. Their top model hangs just under $3,000 after taxes and that should be enough to make you want to keep your eyes on this baby at all times. 

Our Medallion GPS Device can be outfitted directly to the battery pack that sits underneath the seat, so if it were stolen, the burglar wouldn't have a clue. 

All in all this is one of my favorite e-bikes on the market. If you haven't had a chance, check them out. 

Lithium Cycle E-bike Medallion GPS Tracker

Next on the list is Urb-E, out of Pasadena CA. 

We actually have one of their Urban Scooters in our office here, and it's outfitted with the Medallion to track it's movements and whereabouts on the fly!

UBR-E Medallion GPS

URB-E Medallion GPS

As you can see above, the scooter itself actually folds up when not in use and can be stored practically anywhere with minimal space being taken. 

Now more about these ingenious, college campus conquering, mobile shopping carts. 

They have 4 different Models. You can check out each of them here. Our model in the office is the Sport GT, and I can tell you, this thing is amazing. 

It accelerates extremely quick, reaching 14 mph in a flash! Just imagine one of those old school pocket rockets (not as quick, but definitely not as dangerous). 

The Medallion was retrofitted seamlessly to the main shaft and this is just the proto-type! We are working with Urb-E directly to outfit every single one with a device and help people keep track of theirs! Along with helping Urb-E actually rent these out to college students on large college campuses!


Skateboards? Yeah, we want to get into those as well. Help US OUT!

I've been seeing a lot about different electric skateboards coming out lately and it makes me wish my pockets were like 40 stories deeper. I want ALL of them. Seriously. You should too, they're awesome. 


One of the brands taking over the scene currently is Boosted Boards. Haven't heard of them? Have heard of them? Good, because these things are legitimate and built so damned well. Take a quick peak at their site here:

We would like to outfit one of these boards with a Medallion GPS, so if anyone reading this wants to experiment a bit, let's get into it! 


Shoot me an email at: if you have a device that you think would work with our Medallion GPS, reach out and let us know if you have a cool mobile way of transportation and you would like to track it with something so you could always keep tabs on it! 



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