Medallion GPS Tracker

Regular price $129.99
  • Stealth installation
    Our special harness allows you to easily conceal your Medallion GPS in the vehicle so it's not easily discovered and removed
  • Location updates
    Your vehicles location will be updated during every ignition on and off, as well as every 5 minutes while driving, so you'll always know its current location
  • Text & e-mail notifications
    Various alert settings allow you to get notified via text or e-mail on updates such as: low battery, speeding, ignition on/off, and geofence boundary crossings
  • Insurance discounts
    Having a Medallion GPS installed in your vehicle may qualify you for an anti-theft device discount with your insurance provider
  • 1st year of service included
    Every Medallion GPS includes the 1st year of service, and renewing for another year is only $39
  • No contracts
    No obligations and no hidden fees; cancel your service at any time with no penalty

The follow alerts are available:

  • Speeding
    Set a desired speed limit and receive notification when the speed is exceeded
  • Low battery
    Set a desired voltage threshold to receive notification when the vehicle battery drops below the set value
  • Ignition on/off
    Notifications when the vehicle begins moving (ignition on) and when it's come to a stop (ignition off)
  • Geofence crossing
    Set a boundary and receive notification when the vehicle enters or exits the boundary
  • Vehicle must have an OBD-II port, which is standard in all vehicles made from 1996 and up.
  • European cars may need the Medallion Euro Harness; check your vehicle for a pink OBD-II port